Tree climbing

Adrenaline tree climbing:  learn the secrets of alpinistic techniques with instructors and all the necessary equipment.
In the park, you will go from tree to tree to raise adrenaline levels in the blood, and you will learn how to safely relocate from place to place using various passages (bridges, platforms, hanging bridges and the like).
The installation of steel cables, spades and wooden platforms set at 1, 5 and 8 meters height allow users to realize their full safety and require only balance, concentration and low body fitness and good mood.


A small track at a 1 meter height

Terrain with 15 platforms and 22 obstacles + small zip line, climbing equipment

12 €

Great trail at an altitude of 4 to 5 meters

Terrain with 30 platforms and 45 obstacles + big zip line, minimum height 145 cm, climbing equipment

20 €

Zip line little

Downhill height 1.5 m

5 €

Zip line big

Downhill height 8 m

8 €

Rent a glove

One pair

2 €